Warrant: Body found in Ogden storage unit was bound, ‘partially mummified’

Remains found on Sept. 5, 2019, in an Ogden storage facility have been identified as those of Alice Ann Valdez (inset). Photos: Ogden Police; Gephardt Daily/Nancy Van Valkenburg

OGDEN, Utah, Sept. 25, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A search warrant unsealed on Wednesday has revealed a few details of what Ogden Police officials found on Sept. 5 when they investigated a body found in a local storage facility.

Officials were called to the Stock N Lock Self Storage facility, 2868 Grant Ave., to unit No. 123, after two people hired to clean out the abandoned unit discovered what appeared to be a body.

“The unit was reportedly abandoned and was up for auction for quite some time,” the unsealed warrant says. “The two individuals were hired by the property manager or equivalent to clean out the abandoned unit.

“While cleaning out the storage unit, which was almost completely full, they found what appears to be a partially mummified human body wrapped in cloth, rope or twine, wire, plastic, and/or other materials.”

“Police were contacted and the information reported to police appears to be accurate, a partially mummified human body wrapped in cloth and other material,” the warrant says.

The Ogden Police Department determined the identity of the deceased to be 41-year-old Alice Ann Valdez, using fingerprints. The department has released no further updates in the case, such as a cause of death or suspects being sought.

The warrant also allowed officers to collect all forensic evidence, including blood and body parts, weapons, and any paperwork or other items that might lead detectives to the identity of the person who rented the unit, stored things there without authorization, or added items to a previously full unit.

Also listed on the warrant as things to be collected were “… any other item inside the storage shed which could provide information to why what appears to be a human body was found wrapped in fabric, rope, plastic or wire, etc., illegally stored things in the unit.”

Gephardt Daily will share more details on this case as information becomes available.

Alice Ann Valdez. File photo: Ogden Police Department


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