Sheriff fed up with ‘revolving door’ justice creates website naming newly freed felons, judges who released them

File Photo: UPI

HURRICANE, Utah, Feb. 7, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Washington County’s sheriff has vented his frustration by creating a website chronicling what he calls the revolving door justice system for criminals.

“With everything going on around our country, I get asked a lot about jail releases,” Sheriff Nate Brooksby wrote on social media just before 8 p.m. Monday.

“Short of emergencies in the jail, I do not have a say about who is released, that is up to the courts. Fundamentally, the system has changed to protect criminals and ignore the victims.

“Law enforcement is doing its job to keep our community safe, but the justice system has created an ever-revolving door to release serious criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes (creating more victims).”

In response, the sheriff wrote, he has created a website where citizens can look up all felony releases including the suspect’s name, crimes committed, whether released on bail or no bail attached to their release, the time they spent in jail, and the name of the judge who released them on those conditions.

“You will be able to see when someone was released, their felony charge, how they were released, and the judge who set the bail or made the order,” the sheriff wrote.

“We hope this may answer some of your questions or concerns.”

Washington County Sheriff Nate Brooksby Photo WCSO



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