Woman flown to hospital after vehicle crashes, burns in Farmington

File Photo: Gephardt Daily
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FARMINGTON, Utah, Oct. 14, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A woman was transported by medical helicopter to University of Utah Hospital after her vehicle crashed and caught fire Sunday night.

Farmington Police Sgt. Dave Quinley said the accident happened at about 9:30 p.m. as the woman was northbound on 200 East at 97 South.

“The vehicle left the roadway and came to rest in a bunch of trees and caught fire,” Quinley told Gephardt Daily.

He said it doesn’t appear that the woman was ejected in the crash; rather, a passersby removed her from the vehicle before it caught fire.

No information about the woman or the extent of her injuries was available Sunday night.

Quinley said the cause of the crash is still being investigated, and the only information he had about the vehicle was that it was a full-sized car or “some kind of wagon.”

In addition to Farmington police and AirMed, Farmington Fire Department and Davis County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene.

Gephardt Daily will update this developing story as more details are made available.


  1. We live directly across the street from where this accident took place. My daughter and I heard the most horrible crash and immediately went outside. The man who saved this young woman is a hero, he got her out of the car while it was on fire and started doing CPR before the police, fire department and ambulance arrived. I truly believe he saved her life because within seconds after he got her out, the car was a blaze. To say the vehicle left the roadway and landed in the trees is putting it mildly. The car was speeding around the corner, hit and flattened the bus stop shelter, rolled over twice and crashed into the trees where it caught fire. We’re hoping for news that this young woman survived, it’s truly a miracle that the right people were in the right place at the right time to help.

  2. Donnatella Stiers succumbed from her injuries October 14, 2018 at the University of Utah Medical Center.
    Donnatella was a good neighbor and friend to all of us here on 200 East and Farmington 3rd Ward.

  3. Sadly I learned this afternoon that the woman did not make it and passed away due to her injuries. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

  4. Thank you Debra for this information. The woman who passed away in this accident was an employee of mine, but also a friend. She was a great person with a tender heart. I want to thank all those who helped her… especially the man who got her out of the car. If anyone can get me in touch with him, I would be grateful.
    – Lael

  5. Donnatella Stiers was our next-door neighbor. Very sad to hear about her tragic accident. We have been trying to reach her friends (from an address book that we found in her home) but most the numbers were disconnected. I am sure most her current numbers are on her cell phone. Her family in Florida have been contacted by the Police. We would like to get the information to her friends so they would know, We are taking care of her two cats. If anyone knows more, please contact us.

  6. The accident happened right after nine, i was at the scene with my friend. I live half a block away from the incedent and my friend helped get the lady out the car. The car started to catch fire but it only spread upwards with the trees.
    One of my neighbors did spring into action when he saw the accident occur. Very sad to read that she had passed away

  7. Hi I am a friend of Donatella. I worked with her while she worked at ARUP laboratories. All of us here at ARUP found out yesterday about this tragedy and are deeply saddened by her loss. We would love to know about any services being held. I would also like to help in any way I can. Please feel free to e-mail me. I will provide a phone number so we can talk, Diane Mayfield. She spoke of you often and what a great neighbor you are.


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