10 tourists charged with producing ‘pornographic’ images in Cambodia

Siem Reap Pubstreet. Photo: Wikipedia

Jan. 29 (UPI) — Prosecutors in Cambodia charged 10 foreign tourists with producing “pornographic” images on Sunday.

National Police said they “cracked down on a place where pornographic pictures and tools were displayed” Thursday in an operation led by Deputy Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Police Chief Duong Thavry and coordinated by Siem Reap Provincial Court Prosecutor Keut Vannareth.

A total of 77 tourists were taken to provincial headquarters where they were “educated and let free,” while 10 labeled “organizers” were arrested.

Police shared photos of the suspects as well as images of men and women, mostly clothed, at a party appearing to simulate sexual acts.

Several people in the pictures from the party do not appear among those held.

Eight men and two women were arrested, including five from England, two Canadians and citizens of New Zealand, the Netherlands and Norway.

England’s Foreign Office said it is working to provide assistance for its arrested nationals.

Cambodia has penalized tourists in recent years for posting revealing photos of themselves at or near its ancient temples, but has otherwise been tolerant of visitors engaging in the local nightlife.


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