Avalanche on Siachen Glacier kills 6, including Indian troops

Nov. 19 (UPI) — An avalanche on the northern portion of the Siachen Glacier in Indian-administered Kashmir has killed four members of the Indian Army and two civilian porters.Officials said the soldiers survived the avalanche Monday, which occurred at about 19,000 feet, but later died of extreme hypothermia.

The Siachen Glacier is about 20,000 feet high at points along the Karakoram range and is part of the highest militarized zone in the world. The dangerous location has led to the deaths of hundreds of Indian soldiers since 1984 because of dangerous climate conditions. About 20 soldiers died there three years ago.

“Deeply pained by the demise of soldiers and porters due to avalanche in Siachen,” India Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted. “I salute their courage and service to the nation.”


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