CDC says vaccinated Americans can resume travel with low risk

Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

April 2 (UPI) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that vaccinated Americans can resume travel domestically and internationally with low risk of exposure to COVID-19, as long as they wear masks in public.

Until Friday’s announcement, federal officials were still discouraging people from traveling, even after vaccination. The updated guidance does not apply to unvaccinated people.

The CDC said travelers don’t need a COVID-19 test before or after traveling and don’t need to self-quarantine if they are vaccinated.

The CDC considers someone fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the last required dose.

The new guidance Friday is welcome news for many Americans who haven’t visited family members or traveled in a year. It’s also expected to help boost sagging travel and airline industries.

For international travel, passengers should still have a negative test before boarding a flight to the United States and a follow-up test three to five days after their return, the CDC says.


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