COVID-19: New York death toll drops; Florida, Texas report record new cases

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo passes out face masks when he arrives at Grand Central Station to attend a near by press conference in New York City Monday. New York City this week entered phase 1 of a four-part reopening plan and reported its lowest number of new cases since March. Photo by John Angelillo/UPI

June 14 (UPI) — Texas set another record for COVID-19 hospitalizations Saturday and Florida marked its biggest increase yet in daily reported infections by the state health department, while New York Gov. Cuomo hailed “the best news of all” as the daily coronavirus death toll dropped to 32.

Nearly half of states are experiencing an increase in new cases and hospitalizations after reopening businesses.

In Texas, public health officials announced 2,242 COVID-19 hospitalizations Saturday, and Dallas County reported 345 new cases and three COVID-19 deaths — both of which set new records for the state and county.

“Today marks another record for the number of positive COVID19 cases, but remember, we are doing more testing and that will weigh into the increase in numbers. Of greater concern is the number of hospitalizations,” Judge Clay Jenkins said.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported the Dallas-Fort Worth area has 729 patients in hospitals due to the virus, with the statewide number of hospitalizations reported as 1,935 Monday.

Florida also set new records Saturday, with 2,581 new cases and 48 new deaths reported by the state health department.

The state reports 73,552 confirmed cases statewide, with the state reporting more than 2,000 new cases in one day for the first time since the outbreak began.

Saturday’s death toll in New York state was its lowest since the virus hit the state in March, and COVID-19 hospitalizations also reached a new low of 1,734, with positive test rates stable at 1.8 percent in New York City.

“We have tamed the beast,” Cuomo said. “We are now 180 degrees on the other side.”

Cuomo has approved Stage 3 reopening plans for some parts of the state, but also warned New Yorkers against dropping their guard.

“New York is an anomaly. We reopened and the numbers are continuing to come down,” he said.


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