Israel fires missile at Syria, killing soldier

File picture: UPI

May 27 (UPI) — Israeli forces launched a missile at a location in southern Syria on Monday, killing at least one soldier, military officials from both countries confirmed.

Israel Defense Forces said the strike was in retaliation for a Syrian attack on an Israeli aircraft.

“Earlier today, a Syrian anti-aircraft system fired at an IDF aircraft as it was carrying out a routine flight in Israel,” the IDF said in a tweet. “The projectile landed in Syrian territory. In response, we targeted the Syrian launcher that was responsible for firing it.”

Syria’s state-run news agency, SANA, said the missile hit a military site in Quneitra, killing one soldier and injuring a second.

Meanwhile, violence in Syria’s Idlib province to the north — one of the last regions held by rebels — has killed at least a dozen civilians over the past two days.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 78 air raids and 70 barrel bombs were dropped from helicopters Monday on the “de-escalation” area of Idlib, which borders Turkey in central Syria. More than 225 shells and missiles have launched by the regime forces since Sunday, the group reported.


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