Lightning Strike May Have Killed Australian Man At The Grand Canyon

Lightning Strike May Have Killed Australian Man
Lightning strikes at the Grand Canyon. File photo by Sarah Fields Photography/Shutterstock

PHOENIX, Sept. 15 (UPI) — Officials were investigating whether a lightning strike killed an Australian man at the Grand Canyon.

Jonathan Crowden, 21, died Sunday while visiting the landmark, the National Park Service said.

NPS and the Coconino County Medical Examiner in Arizona were working together to determine whether Crowden was hit by lightning while walking along the South Kaibab Trail.

His body was found at Ooh-Aah Point about a mile form the trailhead, where paramedics unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate him.

NPS said lightning strikes can happen up to 10 miles from the location of a storm.

The department recommends that park visitors stay away from exposed areas during storms and lightning activity. The safest place to weather such a storm is inside a vehicle or building with closed windows. If the sound of thunder follows a lightning flash within 30 seconds or less, shelter should be sought out immediately and metal rails should not be touched.


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