Man Shoots And Kills Two Women Outside Courthouse In Holbrook, Ariz.

Police secure the scene at the Navajo County courthouse in Holbrook, Ariz., after two women were shot and killed following a hearing on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Navajo County Emergency Management

HOLBROOK, Ariz., June 29 (UPI) — Two women were shot and killed by a man outside a courthouse in Holbrook, Ariz., on Tuesday, authorities said.

Police say the shooting followed a hearing inside the Navajo County Courthouse, which the two women and the male suspect attended.

“We don’t know his motive yet,” said Navajo County spokesman Adam Wolfe. “We do know the suspect was involved in the hearing, and for whatever reason, it led to him opening fire.”

Officials say the man got a gun from his vehicle after the hearing and opened fire on the women as they left the courthouse. They have not released the name of the victims or the shooter, who is in custody.

Wolfe added that the attack was “personal, and not an attempt at a mass shooting.”

Navajo County was investigating the incident.


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