Massachusetts Woman Wins $1 Million Prize Twice In 7 Months

Wins $1 Million Prize Twice
Jane Hoyt of Lynn, Mass., won her second $1 million prize in seven months, receiving two separate cash payments of $650,000. Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Lottery/Facebook

LYNN, Mass., Jan. 8 (UPI) — A Massachusetts woman won a $1 million prize from the state lottery for the second time in 7 months.

Jane Hoyt of Lynn, Mass., was the first grand prize winner in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s “$1,000,000 Holiday Bonus” game adding to her June 10 prize from the “World Class Millions” game.

Hoyt purchased her most recent winning ticket at Debro Liquors in Lynn and her first winning ticket at Shaw’s in Peabody.

She chose the cash option for both of her prizes and received two $650,000 payments before tax withholdings. She recently retired.


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