Police Capture Escaped Psychiatric Patient Anthony Garver

Psychiatric hospital escapee and known killer Anthony Garver has been found and apprehended by police near his parents' home in Spokane, Wash. Photo courtesy of Lakewood,Wash., Police Department

LAKEWOOD, Wash., April 9 (UPI) — An escaped psychiatric patient accused in a brutal 2013 murder was taken into custody after several days on the run.

Anthony Garver, 28, was found hiding in a pile of debris in the woods near his parent’s home in Spokane Valley on Friday.

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzi Knezovich said Garver was unarmed and taken into custody without incident.

“Food and water was his enemy,” Knezovich said of Garver, who traveled 300 miles to the town from Lakewood on a Greyhound bus. “He was severely dehydrated. He is receiving medical attention.”

Garver, arrested on a first-degree murder charge in 2013, escaped Wednesday from Western State Hospital in Lakewood, Wash., with fellow patient Mark Alexander Adams, 59. Adams, who was judged not competent to stand trial after a 2014 domestic assault arrest, was captured late Thursday.

Carver is accused of stabbing a woman 24 times. He was found not competent to stand trial three times. He and Adams escaped from the hospital through an open window in their shared room, the Lakewood Police Department said.

“I feel outstanding that none of my citizens were injured,” Knezovich said, according to Komo News. “The state of Washington needs to figure out how to keep him from escaping. This cannot happen again.”


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