Sanders: Free Tuition The ‘Driver Of A New Era Of American Prosperity’

Sanders: Free Tuition
Photo Courtesy: UPI

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 (UPI) — Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders┬ámade his case for free college tuition Wednesday, saying growing higher-education costs are damaging the nation’s work force and impeding the country’s prosperity.

Sanders, in a Washington Post op-ed, said a shift in attitude toward college educations will encourage a stronger U.S. economy and democracy, pointing out every year America loses nearly 5,000 of its best and brightest to Germany, where all students — including international students — get a free education. At the same time, countries that include Finland, Denmark and Mexico offer free tuition for public universities and colleges to its students, Sanders said.

“It is time to build on the progressive movement of the past and make public colleges and universities tuition-free in the United States — a development that will be the driver of a new era of American prosperity,” Sanders said. “We will have a stronger economy and a stronger democracy when all young people with the ambition and the talent can reach their full potential, regardless of their circumstances at birth.”

Sanders, who is second in the polls to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has long called for free college tuition with legislation that would provide $47 billion a year to states that meet academic and fiscal standards.

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden, in his announcement he would not enter the presidential race, backed the idea of free college tuition. Clinton, by contrast, is stumping debt-free college that will require family contributions but will ensure students will not need loans for a public education.


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