Students Give Kitten Surprise To Teacher Grieving Cat’s Death

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A Texas teacher was met with a surprise when three of her students bought her a pair of kittens following the death of her 16-year-old cat. Screenshot courtesy of Rachel Hanhart /Inside Edition

FORT WORTH, Texas, May 10 (UPI) — A group of students sought to cheer up a teacher grieving the death of her cat by buying her a pair of new kittens.

Rachel Hanhart tweeted a video of the surprise as she and her fellow classmates Ashlei Mahan and Sheridan Swindel adorned their teacher with a bouquet of flowers and two new kittens.

“We surprised our teacher with kittens because her cat passed away yesterday,” Hanhart wrote.

The students at Joshua High School told ABC News they came up with the idea after their statistics teacher, Tonya Andrews, began crying during class one day.

“I’m sorry, my 16-year-old cat named Blondie died yesterday,” Andrews said.

The trio then decided to get flowers and cupcakes in an attempt to cheer her up when Swindel suggested they also get her kittens.

“So my mom looked online to find kittens in Fort Worth that needed a home,” Hanhart said.

Their plan was ultimately successful as Andrews cried tears of shock and joy, while asking “Are they mine?” as the students presented her with her new pets.

See the video by clicking here.


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