Suspect Arrested After Attack On Belgian Military Base

An attacker crashed his car into security barriers at the Namur military base in Flawinne, Belgium. Photo by Ilya Andriyanov/Shutterstock

FLAWINNE, Belgium, Oct. 26 (UPI) — A man was arrested Monday morning after crashing his car into the security barrier at a military barracks near Namur, Belgium, officials said.

Soldiers fired shots at the heavily damaged vehicle as it drove off after the crash. The car was found abandoned nearby, and although the driver’s motive was unknown, he was captured.

There were no injuries and the suspect was not identified..

“The individual has just been arrested … there is nothing to suggest there are others involved,” prosecutor Vincent Macq said.

A bomb squad was called to examine the vehicle.

NATO officials said its alert level was not raised after the incident. Its headquarters in Brussels, and the Supreme Allied Headquarters Europe in Mons are each at a higher security alert level because of a previous terrorism warning.


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