Trump Foundation ordered by N.Y. AG to stop fundraising immediately

Donald Trump. Photo by Gary I Rothstein/UPI

NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (UPI) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s charitable foundation has been ordered to stop fundraising by the New York attorney general’s office because it doesn’t have proper certification.

The office of Eric Schneidermann sent the Trump Foundation a “notice of violation,” to stop accepting donations and stop fundraising effective immediately.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump’s charity was operating in New York state even though it wasn’t registered correctly.

The attorney general’s involvement is the latest hiccup for the charity, which has been slammed for weeks by the Post. Last month, the newspaper published several stories questioning the foundation’s practices, including a report Trump may have settled personal legal battles with money from the foundation. The Post also found Trump hasn’t personally given the foundation any money since 2008 and instead relies on contributions from outside parties.

The letter was sent to the Trump Foundation by James G. Sheehan, the head of Schneiderman’s charity division.

“The Donald J. Trump Foundation is in violation of [New York law] which requires charitable organizations that solicit contributions … to register with the Charities Bureau,” Sheehan wrote.

The letter said the foundation must also provide proper financial records to the government.


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