Ukrainian rescue workers dig puppy from rubble after Russian attack

Rescuers save a puppy buried in rubble after an attack in Ukraine. Photo: Twitter/Anton Gerashchenko

April 13 (UPI) — Rescue workers in Ukraine’s Donbas region saved a puppy from debris on Wednesday following an attack from Russian forces, a Ukrainian official shared on Twitter.

Official adviser Anton Gerashchenko’s video shows authorities digging through a pile of rubble, tossing bricks aside until they’re able to grab and pull the small dog to safety.

A man wearing a red hard hat and gloves scoops the animal from the dirt and dust.

The puppy and its owner, who also narrowly escaped death as Russian forces shelled the region, were united following its rescue, Gerashchenko said.

The video shows the owner, who suffered minor injuries, thanking the authorities for their efforts as he holds his dog.

“Rescue services work 24/7 doing the hardest work and saving lives,” wrote Gerashchenko on Twitter.

Thousands of people have died since Russia began its attack on Ukraine on Feb. 24.

On Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda, Estonia President Alar Karis, Latvia President Egils Levits and Lithuania President Gitanas Nauseda traveled to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky in a show of solidarity against the ongoing attacks.


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