India sees record COVID-19 rise — 412,000 new cases in single day

COVID-19 patients receive oxygen at a care center, converted from a sports complex, in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday. Photo by Abhishek/UPI

May 7 (UPI) — India on Thursday reported another daily record of new COVID-19 cases — more than 412,000 — and almost 4,000 new deaths.

The new daily total for Wednesday eclipsed the previous record last weekend, according to the India health ministry and the World Health Organization.

The daily increase was about 3,800, also a record, according to health ministry data.

Officials said there are some positive signs in New Delhi, where health authorities have seen positivity rate decline recently. Officials said the rate, which was 36% in late April, was 26% on Wednesday.

The Delhi High Court on Thursday ordered the New Delhi government to provide additional medical treatment space for patients, calling the city’s existing infrastructure “exposed” and in “shambles.”

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said Thursday his administration won’t let anyone die of an ongoing oxygen shortage if it receives supplies from the central government.

“If we get an adequate supply of oxygen — 700 tons — we will be able to set up 9,000 to 9,500 beds in Delhi,” Kejriwal told reporters, according to NDTV. “We will be able to create oxygen beds. I assure you that we will not let anyone die to a shortage of oxygen in Delhi.”

India’s government has criticized for not providing states and territories with enough medical oxygen, leaving hospitals to deal with severe shortages. Some patients have died in ambulances and parked cars waiting for beds and oxygen.

Critics have complained that some of the shortages are politically related, arguing that areas controlled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party have been given greater priority in deliveries.


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