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SANDY, Utah, June 3, 2022 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace) — LeaAnne and Ken Chapman, owners of  Connect Building Services, long considered by its customers to be the best, most honest, most reliable electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning business in Sandy, and the Wasatch Front, find great satisfaction in a job well-done.

For that bar to be met a couple of things have to happen: first, clients need to be wholly satisfied with the job, from beginning to end. Achieving that benchmark is the company’s top priority and the foundation of their success. Second, Connect Building Services employees need to share in the satisfaction and know just how critical their contributions are to the company’s overall success.

“We’re in the business for our customers, and for our employees,” LeaAnne said of the Sandy-based company, “and as owners, we want it to be a win-win-win for all three.

“Customers win because Connect Building Services provides top quality service. CBS also offers clients a mini education about the nature of repairs, so they can make an informed choice about any solutions offered. Customers also win when they get to enjoy the upbeat attitudes of Connect’s employees, bright people who offer serious help while keeping the mood light.

“As a team, we try to keep a sense of humor,” LeaAnne said. “You’ve got to be able to laugh a little, keep it light, and get it done.”

Connect Building Services’ 18 or so employees get training each week on technical and professional skills, and the Chapmans have seen many of their workers gain focus and confidence to improve all areas of their lives, LeaAnne said.

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That’s why they stand behind their employees’ work with some of the most extensive warranties and guarantees in the business.

“We are a team and a family,” LeaAnne said of their employees. “We work towards a common purpose, lift every team member, celebrate success, overcome failure, and look for reasons to praise, not criticize each other.”

“And we take care of each other,” Ken chimed in.

“And have fun,” LeaAnne added.

And for the Chapmans, married nearly 32 years, and the parents of five grown children, the reward is a growing business and a community reputation for excellence.


The dream started in 1996, when the young couple with two small children left Tucson, where Ken had worked at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

“We moved up here with one job, one contractor who said ‘Hey, want to do my electrical?,'” LeaAnne said.

The couple had wanted to move to Utah to be near family, and an aunt and uncle leaving for a mission offered them a deal on rent.

“So we lived there and started doing business, then we did the one job, and more jobs kept coming,” Ken said. “A guy in our neighborhood came to us and said, ‘Hey, I build houses, so once you get your license and insurance, give me a call. So I did, and then we took off and actually took over the account, did all of their homes.”

That job lasted 12 years, until 2008 and the recession that closed a lot of businesses, including their employer’s. That’s when the Chapmans decided to expand their services to include plumbing and HVAC, and transitioned from Current Electrical Systems to Connect Business Services.


“We rebranded because we were doing all four trades,” LeaAnne said of the 2008 expansion and name change. “We branched out, and we survived. We wanted to have more than one leg, just like a table or a stool. It doesn’t work with one leg.”

“It’s hard to keep it balanced with just one leg,” Ken added, with a laugh.

The growth continued with a contract to handle refrigeration, heating, electrical and plumbing maintenance at 40 Panda Express locations, LeaAnne said, adding it’s an ongoing contract for Connect Building Services.

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More recently, residential service jobs have equaled or surpassed commercial contracts as Connect’s main focus.

Customers leave glowing 5-Star reviews:

● “This team gets the job done and done well,” wrote John Millard. “And when vendor problems occur, they do not try to pass the buck. They stay on top of it until the work is done well!”

● “Communication was excellent,” wrote Gail Rugg. “Schawn was friendly and professional. He answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns without making me feel dumb. He was very respectful. I did not feel like he was gouging me with the price in the estimate, he did not give me a long list of extras that I don’t need just to fatten his wallet. I think the estimate is fair and I hope to begin my project soon!”

● “We recently had Connect come out to check some electrical issues,” wrote Gordon Richards. “They were very professional and thorough and discovered faulty wiring in an electrical socket which had caused overheating which would’ve led to an electrical fire. Their thoroughness saved us from a much more serious problem. We’ve really enjoyed working with Connect.”

● “I would and will recommend Connect to everyone,” wrote JR Reale. “They were prompt, polite, and went over and beyond when doing my complete home repipe. I got bids from several of the ‘big plumbing companies.’ They sent out salesmen not a plumber. Schawn was knowledgeable, and I felt confident after his bid. Jose and Ethan were polite and answered any questions I had. I’m not finished with my remodel, I guarantee I will call them back for my new shower.”

● “I have used this company several times and every time these guys are on time and do a great job at a fair price,” wrote Chism Yeaman. “Their technicians are always polite, professional and are top-notch people. They always get the job done right and truly make sure you’re happy with the service.”

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