Student tased at Taylorsville High School by UPD officer

Photo: Gephardt Daily

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah, Dec. 16, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — A Unified Police Department officer assigned to Taylorsville High School used his Taser on a student Friday morning.

Lt. Brian Lohrke said the 17-year-old male was physically threatening the officer when the stun gun was deployed. Lohrke said the student was trying to leave the premises when the officer told him to stop.

“He turned and squared off on the officer,” Lohrke said. Asked for specifics, Lohrke said the student faced the officer and balled up his fists.

Lohrke said the student was unhurt, and was released to his parents. The student could be charged with resisting arrest or attempted assault, Lohrke said.

Taylorsville High School. Photo: Wikipedia


  1. This doesn’t feel right to me. What did the student say to the officer? Did he threaten to harm him in any way? Did he pull back to throw a punch? Did he actually assume a fighting stance?. Just what exactly did the student do that frightened this officer so much he felt he had to tase him? The student was told to stop. He did. He then turned to the officer and balled his fist. My brother had the same habit. Unless he said or did something more than ball his fists I feel the officer was much to quick to assume. I could be wrong. Perhaps there were previous altercations or threats exchanged between the two. Still,
    based solely on the information provided in the article, perhaps its time administration consider a different officer who is not so easily spooked.

  2. Sherryl, please read the story… again. Student threatens physical harm.. squares up to officer.. balls fists.. I don’t think he wants to go to the prom with him. Officer spooked? How many times have you been in these situations? Sounds like someone has a better QUICK TO JUDGE than an Officer.

    • That is what is wrong with some of these out control kids, the parents act like there kid is so innocent he was told to stop and talk to the officer he didn’t do that do he got what he deserved. These kids are so disrespectful. These parents need to stop babying their kids be parents not their best friend. He should be glad he wasn’t shot. Parents are do afraid to discipline their kids. Remember parents you are the adult obviously this child doesn’t respect adults. I have 3 respectful adult boys and 6 grandchildren.

  3. Sounds like bull. To hell with officers that make up excuses and threaten a kid with charges for turning around and looking at the selfish tool.

  4. I’m going to give the benifit of doubt to officer’s judgment. He is the trained professional. The student maybe having a medical or mental episode. There is a good chance of drugs or flat out a jerk raised by jerks.

  5. Good. A hard lesson to learn. You wanna square up to a man with a gun. You gonna get put down real quick. You can act hard in front of your friends, but one day you’re gonna have to learn to act like an adult.


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