Grandchild Needs Help Scam

Have you heard of the Granny scam? Be sure to tell every senior citizen you know about this one.
It begins with a phone call to a senior citizen who has a grown grandchild and it always involves wiring money, usually by Western Union.

Oneida Crader, an 84-year old grandmother tells KMOV the crooks made her believe they were her own grandson and in trouble. “So, he said I need $4200,” says Crader.

The con artist convinced her it was her grandson and was in Jail in Peru. Crader immediately went to Western Union and transferred the funds, without checking in with family members.

The Granny Scam comes and goes in communities everywhere, whenever a thief is able to identify a grandparent and their grandchild, and a phone number. The thieves seldom get caught so the only way to prevent this is to tell everyone you know what you just saw.


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