Is Added Insurance On A Rental Car Necessary?

    When you rent a car, will your personal insurance cover you? Should you pay that high rate offered by rental agency? It’s a question I hear over and over. The insurance offered by the rental agency can be outrageous, costing you anywhere from $15 to $25 bucks a day but does it fully cover you? And do you need it?

    “It’s much better to ask a few questions in advance and know where you stand should an accident occur,” Don Bennett, a Utah insurance agent tells KSL-TV. Bennett says often times those high rates could be avoided by making a call to your personal auto insurance agent.

    When you go to rent a car, you no doubt will be offered what’s called a collision damage waiver. But keep in mind that option only covers the rental car. The premium won’t cover damage to other cars, property or people.
    Bennett says that often times your personal auto insurance will cover liability on a rental so it’s important to know what kind of a deducible you might have should an accident occur. Many times it’s the same price as your personal vehicle.


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