Repeat Package Thief Steals Smelly Surprise In California

California, package, thief
A California package thief makes off with a box of dog poop. Screenshot: WFXT-TV

LODI, Calif., June 13 (UPI) — A California woman whose Amazon package was stolen from her front porch captured video of the thief returning to take a second box — filled with dog poop.

Amanda Torres said her fiance set up security cameras around their Lodi home to deter thieves, but a man who apparently wasn’t bothered by being photographed stole an Amazon package from her front porch Tuesday.

Torres said she and her fiance suspected the man might return if another box showed up on their porch, so they created a decoy.

“You want to know what was in [the box]? It was full of poop,” Torres told KTXL-TV.

Dog poop, to be precise.

The man returned as expected Thursday and Torres posted the security camera footage to YouTube.

Torres said the man did not show up clearly in the footage from Tuesday, but she is confident the man seen in Thursday’s recording was the same thief.

“He was the same guy that had stolen the first package two days before,” Torres said.

She said a police report has been filed and investigators have seen the surveillance footage.

The box-filled-with-poop method of revenge against package thieves has become increasingly popular in recent years, with residents in Las Vegas, Washington and Seattle successfully employing the fecal karma method.



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