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Robot security dogs start guarding Tyndall Air Force Base

Robot dogs, or quad-legged unmanned ground vehicles, began guarding Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., last week, the U.S. Air Force announced on Monday.

Company offers to pay someone $1,000 to play cornhole

A lawn care company is seeking an outdoor gaming enthusiast to make $1,000 by playing cornhole, a game involving tossing small bags of corn into holes in a board.

Shelter offers to have cats poop on the names of donors’ exes

A Kentucky animal shelter is raising funds by offering jilted lovers the chance to have cats do their business on the names of their exes.

Girl, 1, uninjured when tree crashes through ceiling

A 1-year-old girl was lucky to escape uninjured when a tree crashed through the roof of her family's home and ended up suspended right over her crib.

Hungarian basketball team breaks acrobatic dunking world record

A basketball team in Hungary showed off their acrobatics skills as well as their ball handling abilities by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest barani flip bounce-pass relay for a forward flip slam dunk.

Cow that fled slaughter in Massachusetts getting new home in New Jersey

A cow that escaped slaughter and spent nearly eight months on the loose in Massachusetts will soon be headed to a new permanent home at a New Jersey sanctuary, animal control officers said.

Firefighters attempting goose rescue in Michigan find hunting decoy

Firefighters in Michigan said an attempted goose rescue on a frozen river turned out to be the proverbial wild goose chase when the suspected injured bird turned out to be a hunting decoy.

Man breaks world record for eating Carolina reaper chili peppers

A Canadian man with a love for spicy food broke a Guinness World Record by eating three Carolina reaper chili peppers -- the hottest chili peppers in the world -- in under 10 seconds.

Cat reunited with owner after 11 days in airport ceiling

A cat that escaped from her owner at a security checkpoint in New York's LaGuardia Airport was returned to the distraught traveler after spending 11 days hiding in the hub's ceiling.

New monolith appears not in Utah desert, but as California ‘dessert’

A new and mysterious monolith has appeared, not in the Utah desert, but more than 700 miles to the west, in San Francisco's Corona Heights Park.