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Facebook flags onion seed ad as ‘overly sexual’

Officials with a Canadian business said they were left surprised, confused and somewhat amused when Facebook refused to run an ad because a photo of onions was flagged as an "overtly sexual image."

Escaped kangaroo captured in Washington state

Police in Washington state said a baby kangaroo that escaped when he was let out of a van to "potty" was safely recaptured and taken for a check-up.

Watch: Malaysian man’s missing phone turns up loaded with monkey selfies

A Malaysia resident whose phone temporarily went missing said the device turned up in his yard loaded with new photos -- including some selfies snapped by a monkey.

Vintage Miller Lite delivery truck with 6 pack-shaped fridge listed for sale

A non-running vehicle listed for sale in Missouri is drawing attention for an unusual feature -- a large refrigeration truck shaped like a six-pack of Miller Lite beer.

Watch: Dog rescued from 40-foot sinkhole in Florida

Emergency responders were summoned to a home in Florida to rescue a family dog that fell into a 40-foot sinkhole.