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Angler reels in 67.4-pound goldfish in France

A British angler who cast his line at a carp fishery in France had his photos go viral after he reeled in a monster 67.4-pound goldfish.

X-ray image captures stowaway cat in JFK passenger’s luggage

Security staff at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport noticed something unusual in the X-ray of a traveler's bag: a stowaway cat.

Escaped mustang captured after swimming across bay in Wisconsin

Authorities in Wisconsin said they captured a loose horse that ran wild on several roads and even swam across a bay.

Sotheby’s to auction one of the most complete T-rex skulls ever discovered

Sotheby's will auction off one of the largest, most complete, Tyrannosaurs Rex skulls ever discovered.

Largest pumpkin in the U.S. being carved into world’s largest jack-o’-lantern

A Minnesota gardener's 2,560 pound pumpkin, the largest in U.S. history, is being carved into the world's largest jack-o'-lantern.

Swedish zoo closes when king cobra escapes exhibit

A Swedish zoo was closed Monday while officials searched the premises for a highly venomous king cobra that escaped from its enclosure.

Overturned truck spills 22,000 pounds of fish onto North Carolina highway

A North Carolina highway was partially closed Tuesday morning when a crashed truck spilled 22,000 pounds of fish into the roadway.

Bakery’s ‘Star Wars’ inspired ‘Pan Solo’ sculpture goes viral

A California bakery's entry in the local scarecrow contest is going viral after taking inspiration from actor Harrison Ford and a galaxy far, far away to create "Pan Solo."

Patient plays saxophone while undergoing brain surgery in Italy

Doctors in Italy shared details of a recent, delicate brain surgery during which patient remained awake and playing the saxophone.

‘Godzilla’ lizard found climbing on Florida home’s window

A Central Florida family captured video when they had an unusual visitor -- a large monitor lizard climbing on a window.