Rome House Overtaken By Thousands Of Bees

bees, swarm, Italy, Rome
Screenshot: Newsflare

ROME, June 10 (UPI) — An Italian homeowner who shared video of thousands of bees living around the building said the noise is like “living next to an airport.”

The video, captured May 26 in the Via dei Due Ponti area of Rome, was filmed by a frustrated homeowner who discovered their house was infested with bees.

The homeowner said the bees can’t be killed because they are protected by law.

“The noise was like a helicopter was flying in the garden,” the homeowner wrote online.

The resident said hundreds more bees were found living inside the walls of the building.

”Now they are all inside the wall; it is like living next to an airport, they take off and land all day,” the homeowner said. ”No one knows what to do because bees are protected by law in Italy.”


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