Rumble Strips On ‘Singing Road’ Play ‘America The Beautiful’

Rumble Strips On 'Singing Road'
The rumble strip on a section of Route 66 in New Mexico plays "America the Beautiful" when a car drives over it. Screenshot: kholmes39/YouTube

TIJERAS, N.M., March 29 (UPI) — A traveler on Route 66 in New Mexico recorded the “singing road” creating a rendition of America the Beautiful with its rumble strips.

The video, posted to YouTube by user kholmes39, features video footage filmed inside a car traveling on Route 66 in Tijeras, N.M.

The motorist shows how the rumble strip, grooves in the pavement designed to alert motorists that they are nearing the edge of the road, was specially designed to play America the Beautiful when driven over by a car.

The uploader branded the stretch a “singing road,” part of “Musical Route 66.”


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