Seven Pounds Of Marijuana Accidentally Left At Family’s Home

Marijuana Accidentally Left At Family's Home
Arlington Police Department - November 27 at 7:56am· Package being delivered to wrong person nets lots of drugs. Officers were notified by a resident that a package had been left at their front door. The name on the package didn't match the homeowner even though the address did. To their dismay when they opened the box, there was approximately 7 pounds of marijuana inside. Not exactly the type of holiday gift they were expecting. They had just recently purchased the house and so they immediately notified police. Officers took possession of the drugs and notified U.S. Postal Inspectors who will continue the investigation.
ARLINGTON, Texas, Nov. 30 (UPI) — A family in Arlington, Tx. received an unexpected delivery when a seven pound package filled with marijuana appeared on their doorstep on Wednesday.

Arlington Police posted a photo of the package to Facebook stating that U.S. postal inspectors would investigate the incident.

Police said that although the address on the package was correct, the name written on the package did not match anyone in the family.

Dallas Morning News reports that the property had been vacant for an extended period of time until recently when the current residents moved in.

Arlington Police spokesperson, Christopher Cook, said the family noticed the contents of the box after opening it to search for a return address.

“And that’s when they saw a green leafy substance that smelled like marijuana — quite a bit of it,” he said. “They thought, ‘Uh, oh, either we’re being set up, or it’s something else entirely.’ So they called us and we came to get it.”

Cook went on to say that the postal service would look to determine the origins of the package and that the family is not believed to be involved.

“They were pretty shocked.” he said. “Obviously we knew immediately the family had nothing to do with it.


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