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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Report: Xi Jinping asked for ‘100-day grace period’ on North Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to implement sanctions against Chinese firms enabling North Korea during his first summit with U.S. President Donald Trump, but also asked Trump for a "100-day grace period."

Lightning Kills at Least 28 in One Day During India Monsoons

At least 28 people, many agricultural workers in fields, were killed by lightning as storms lashed southern and eastern India.

Range Rover Worth $100k Vandalized By Apparent Scorned Lover

A Range Rover worth more than $100,000 was photographed on a London street with an eye-catching paint job seemingly performed by the owner's scorned lover.

Breaking: Body of Annie Schmidt, Piano Guys’ daughter, believed found in Oregon

Jon Schmidt, a member of the St. George band The Piano Guys, announced on Facebook Friday evening that he believes the remains of his missing daughter, Annie, have been found.
8-Year-Old Burn Victim

8-Year-Old Burn Victim Receives Christmas Cards From Around The World

A New York girl who suffered severe burns during a house fire received Christmas cards from around the world in response to a call to action on social media.