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Drought Threatens

Drought Threatens Nearly All U.S. Forests

While the California drought has been a topic of discussion nationally for some time, researchers are now saying the effects of climate change -- and specifically, drought -- could put forests across the United States in danger.

Naked gardening, drinking and texting! ‘The Todd and Erin Morning Stream’ — May 8,...

Spring temperatures are finally here! Sounds like it's time for a little nude gardening! We'll show you where the plowing's good and the ground is fertile ....

Woodpecker study suggests social living doesn’t always require more brain power

Woodpeckers living in stable, long-lasting communities have smaller brains than would be expected in a social species. The findings -- published in the journal Biology Letters -- suggest social living doesn't always require more brain power.

Exxon settles over 2011 Yellowstone River oil spill

Exxon Mobil under the terms of a joint agreement settled for $12 million for the 2011 oil spill that spoiled a section of the Yellowstone River, officials said.

For whales, Southern California soundscape is a mixed bag

Whales can't survive without communication. They rely on their communication skills to locate mates, coordinate migrations and find food.