Swedish reporter killed by falling sub hatch cover, accused inventor says

Inventor Peter Madsen (R) said Tuesday that journalist Kim Wall died after a heavy hatch fell on her while the two were sailing on his submarine on August 1. Photo by BaxLindhardt/EPA/Denmark Out

Sept. 5 (UPI) — Danish inventor Peter Madsen told a Copenhagen court on Tuesday that journalist Kim Wall died aboard his homemade submarine after a heavy hatch cover fell on her.

Madsen’s testimony, read by the prosecutor, said the Swedish journalist died after she slipped and was struck by a 154-pound hatch cover, while the two were aboard the submarine on the evening of Aug. 1.

Madsen said he then went into a state of shock at the thought of her probable death, his testimony read.

The inventor said he initially considered suicide by sailing the submarine out to deep water in nearby Copenhagen Sound, then changed his mind and chose to instead dispose of Wall’s body at sea. He later ditched the submarine in Copenhagen’s harbor.

Wall’s headless torso was found in the same harbor several days later.

In Tuesday’s testimony, Madsen admitted to the crime of desecration in throwing her body overboard, but maintained his plea of not guilty to a manslaughter charge. Madsen said her body was intact when he last saw it.

Madsen was arrested after his rescue from the sunken submarine. The prosecution has requested a mental examination.

Police charged Madsen with the death of Wall. He faces five years to life in prison, if convicted. Wall’s cause of death has not been determined.


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