‘Mrs. Hewitt’s’ delivers with gourmet gluten-free breads, brownies, cookies & more

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah, Feb. 21, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Kimberly Hewitt, the proud founder and owner of GF Bakers in South Salt Lake, has always been a foodie. She pretty much grew up in the kitchen and much to the delight of her family, friends and neighbors had a special gift for creating delicious breads and baked goods.

That’s why, when husband Doug developed celiac disease — a condition makes it hard to digest regular baked goods and breads made with wheat gluten — she knew she had to help. While there were gluten-free products already on store shelves, they seemed to have one unfortunate thing in common; they just didn’t taste very good.

“Doug tried them all and didn’t like any of gluten-free stuff,” Kimberly said in a recent interview on the Bill Gephardt Show Podcast. “As a result, he would cheat, and eat pastas and breads he should not have been eating. They made him feel bad.”

Kimberly knew she could do better, so she set out on a mission to create delicious gluten-free foods, including breads, brownies, mixes and rolls. She spent the next four years in her kitchen, experimenting with gluten-free flour combinations, refining formulas that really checked all the boxes, for taste, moisture, texture and eye appeal.

Kimberly’s family, friends and neighbors were once again only too happy to help with the taste testing. When they began making requests, Kimberly knew she was on the right track.

That’s when she and Doug decided to make a business out of it. That homegrown Utah business, GF Bakers (the GF stands for Gluten Free) has taken off coast-to-coast. Its flagship brand, Mrs. Hewitt’s Gourmet Gluten Free Products, is distributed in stores all over Utah, and all across the country.

“We’re gourmet without the gluten,” Kimberly said with a smile. “It’s apparently what the world’s been waiting for. Our company is really growing and we can’t wait for what the future might bring. It’s really, really exciting.”

To find Mrs. Hewitt’s gluten-free goodies, check out their website at www.gfbakers.com or just stop in at their bakery at 395 W. Lawndale Drive in South Salt Lake.

To hear more about the Mrs. Hewitt’s line of popular products, including their line of vegan-friendly breads, click on the podcast above.


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