Utah-based Stauffer’s Towing gets nod from cops, customers for honest, reliable service

Stauffers Towing crew prepare a car for a precision light duty tow designed to protect the customers vehicle from damage

WEST HAVEN, Utah, February, 2022 (Gephardt Daily/Bill’s Marketplace/Sponsored) — When it comes to dealing with towing companies there’s often a hitch, and not just the one they hook to your car or truck.

The “hitch” usually comes in the form of a big, fat bill, including unforeseen “call-out” charges, and sky-high prices for “miles towed.”

That’s why a solid towing service is as good as gold, and when it comes to Utah towing companies, Stauffer’s Towing is considered the gold standard, by cops and consumers alike.

Not only does Stauffer’s work with local law enforcement agencies for their own departmental towing needs, they are also “in rotation” to help stranded motorists who call on police for assistance.

In a recent interview segment on the Bill Gephardt Show Podcast, Stephen Marrs, veteran dispatch manager for Stauffer’s multi-state towing operations, says the trust they’ve established with law enforcement has been earned through years of dedicated service.

That’s why when responding to an emergency, police officers, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers are more than glad to abide by motorists’ requests to call Stauffer’s Towing. All the motorist has to do is mention Stauffer’s by name.

“Officers who are out dealing with roadside emergencies are relieved when they get a request for a reputable company like ours. We have the know how, we have the equipment, and we are available any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year. It’s how we roll,” Marrs said with a chuckle.

“We also have the right equipment and people for the job. We have dozens of state-of-the-art, light-duty tow trucks, and while we’ve got light-duty towing handled across the Wasatch Front, we’re really known as industry leaders in heavy-duty towing.

Stauffers Towing crew performs a heavy duty tow one of dozens they carry out each year Photo Stauffers Towing

“Some of these heavy-duty, high-tech rigs can lift and haul loads that actually weigh tons, and often end up in the most remote places, whether it’s a tractor-trailer, or the recovery job we recently performed after the driver of a Tesla went airborne for hundreds of feet before landing at the bottom of a canyon.

Stauffers Towing on the scene of a Tesla crash recovery in Salt Lake Citys Memory Grove Photo Gephardt Daily

“Amazingly, everyone actually survived that accident, so it turned out OK, but that recovery effort was something else, and shows just good our crews really are.”

Headquartered in West Haven and with locations in Layton, Salt Lake City, Orem, Tooele, Morgan, Stauffer’s Towing covers much of northern Utah and the Wasatch Front. Stauffer’s also provides service to Wyoming, with facilities in Evanston, Lyman, Rock Springs and Wheatland. In Idaho, service is available with operations in Idaho Falls, Island Park and Nampa.

“Helping and servicing the public is something we enjoy, and we’re very passionate about our customers,” says owner Kurtis Stauffer. “Towing is a very demanding job. And though sometimes it’s a difficult situation, we always try and give our customers the best possible experience with us. We try and keep up with our quick response time and most importantly our customer satisfaction.

“Every single job is different, and it can be very demanding.  But it is also very rewarding, because if you can recover a vehicle without damages, that’s perfect. It takes practice and skill to do it right.”

If you need a tow, or roadside assistance, give Stauffer’s a call, 24/7 at 801 869 2727, or click on their website.

To hear more about their service, click on the podcast above.


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