KickStarter Fund Intended to Raise $20K for Popular New Jacket Gets $9M

One Hundred Dollar Bills
A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, intended to raise $20,000 for the creation of an entrepreneur's new idea for a "travel jacket," instead raised in excess of $9 million. Photo: FotograFFF/Shutterstock

A crowdfunding campaign established to help a clothier produce a popular 15-feature “travel jacket” only asked for $20,000. Instead, it raised $9 million.

Entrepreneur Hiral Sanghavi launched the Kickstarter campaign on July 7. His goal was to raise the $20,000 in 58 days.

That was about 57 days more than he needed.

Sanghavi’s jacket was so popular the fund surpassed the $20,000-mark in just five hours.

“I knew we had a great idea, that we’d maybe get a million or two, but never $9 million,” said Hiral Sanghavi, the jacket’s creator.

The travel jacket comes in four styles and has several hidden functions to make traveling more comfortable. Among the 15 features — a neck pillow that inflates in seconds, a cup-holder pocket and gloves tucked into each sleeve.

It also sports an eyemask, earphone holders, a tablet pocket and a zipper that doubles as a pen and stylus.

Sanghavi, 29, said he and his wife had the idea — but not the money to make it happen.

Now, however, the jacket has 45,000 financial supporters — who ordered 70,000 travel jackets, with a retail price of between $89 and $120. Sanghavi said he expects to ship the jackets beginning in November.

“This will also allow us to ramp up production quickly,” he said.

San Francisco-based BauBax began taking orders for the jacket Thursday — and it might make it into retail stores next year.

The jacket now holds the record as the most-funded clothing item in Kickstarter history, and the fourth best-funded campaign ever.


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