New Product Claims to Charge Apple Watches Faster Using Hidden port

Product Claims to Charge Apple Watches Faster
Apple Watches are displayed at an Omotesando store of Softbank Mobile Co. in Tokyo, Japan, on April 24, 2015. Photo by Keizo Mori/UPI

New Product Claims to Charge Apple Watches Faster Using Hidden port

AUSTIN, Texas, May 28 (UPI) — Although the Apple Watch boasts wireless charging, two entrepreneurs found that plugging it in is still the fastest way to go.

Lane Musgrave and John Arrow, creators of Reserve Strap, claim that their new Apple Watch accessory — which connects to the gadget via its 6 pin accessory port — charges 5 percent faster than Apple’s conductive method.

In a recent video released Wednesday, Musgrave and Arrow display a comparison between the two charging methods. Using a time lapse clip of two watches charging side by side, they note that their product charges a little faster.

They explain in an accompanying statement that their wearable wristband charger, the Reserve Strap, causes less ambient heat from the watch than its initial wireless charging option.

Musgrave and Arrow claim to have created the first accessory to charge the Apple Watch as users wear it. Although many other companies have yet to cash into watch accessories, NBC News predicts that the idea will prompt a slew of new third-party products.

The Reserve Strap is currently $249.99 — almost as expensive as the cheapest version of the Apple Watch, and is available for pre-order with an unannounced ship date.


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