I Really Like That: RoboStir

RoboStir - Gephardt Daily
I Really Like That: Robo Stir

I Really Like That: RoboStir

The Robostir has a capsule base at the top with three wire legs at the bottom, each sporting a silicone foot capable of withstanding more than 550 degrees.


[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]All you have to do is put in four AA batteries, slip on the cover of the handle and you are ready to go.

Say we were going to make gravy for dinner tonight.

We would place the gravy powder and water in a bowl then turn on the stove and start the boiling process.

Instead of stirring with a spoon or a fork and wearing yourself out, go ahead and trying using the Robostir.

Not only do you not have to stand over the stove for 15 to 20 minutes constantly stirring, you can just let it RoboStir.

About five minutes later or so the gravy is bubbling away, which means that it is done cooking.RoboStir - Gephardt Daily

The RoboStir is great for:

• Soups
• Stews
• Sauces
• And More

The gravy got stirred and mixed all the way through. All while nothing was burnt to the bottom of the pan.


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