Sunday Spotlight: Wakin Bakin – Breakfast In New Orleans

Wakin' Bakin'
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NEW ORLEANS – August 9, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Nestled somewhere in an older part of an area just outside of New Orleans called MidCity, on a seemingly quiet suburban street, is a little slice of heaven called Wakin Bakin.

Wakin' Bakin' Breakfast New Orleans
Photo Courtesy: Wakin Bakin

The Gephardt Daily crew was on location in New Orleans and kept hearing about a small breakfast place with incredible food. We wanted to see if the rumors were true. Using GPS we located the restaurant and its two owners.

They did not disappoint.

The small eatery is the result of a shared desire of Conrad Chura & Zachary Pizzeck’s for an incredible breakfast experience.

Wakin' Bakin' Breakfast New Orleans
Photo Courtesy: Wakin Bakin

“We first launched a pilot-operation inside of The Olive Branch Cafe’s MidCity location in October of 2011. We tested recipes & delivered exclusively to the American Can Company on weekends, during the restaurant’s off-hours,” Conrad told us.

“In August 2012, we moved into The Holy Ground Irish Pub at Canal & Jefferson Davis Pkwy in MidCity. We shared a tiny kitchen, and ran as a delivery-only pop-up restaurant marketing to local bars & patrons”.

Wakin' Bakin' Breakfast New Orleans
Photo Courtesy: Wakin Bakin

As word got out, dining space became a problem. By December 2012, the two restauranteurs talked the owner’s of Crescent Pie & Sausage Company to rent them their current location at 4408 Banks St.

With love and support from MidCity and the good people of the Banks Street community, the small business is thriving with an active dine-in and delivery service seven days a week.

Zach and Conrad serve up generous, well presented and delicious portions with a big side of southern hospitality.
Needless to say the experience we shared eating at Wakin Bakin will happily be with us for a long time.

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