Sony Pictures Hacked. Possible Inside Connection Costing Millions.


Sony Pictures Hacked. Possible Inside Connection Costing Millions



Hackers breached Sony Pictures Nov. 24, stealing anticipated movies set to release over the holidays along with sensitive company information from passwords to files that could cost Sony millions of dollars.

Five new movies, one currently in theatres and four set to release over the holidays, were hacked from Sony Pictures last week by the group Guardians of Peace (#GOP).  After hacking Sony databases, GOP froze Sony employee computers locking employees out from their computers and network. The locked out computers displayed a message from the GOP of a skeleton with a warning that more releases of sensitive data will come if the company does not meet demands of the GOP.


The GOP sent two press releases announcing the hacking and released two lists of sensitive information they will put to the public including passwords, source file codes, passwords, financial data, film production schedules and internal network mapping, and private personal contact information of the staff.

The stolen movies “Fury” starring Brad Pitt (currently in theatres), “Annie,” “Mr. Turner,” “Still Alice” and “To Write Love on Her Arms” have received unique IP address downloads since the hacking ranging from 20,000 for “Writing Love on Her Arms” to over two million downloads for “Fury.”

[one_fourth]Replace Me[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]The Verge reports having made contact with a GOP insider who claims that inside employees of Sony helped them with the attack. An email sent to them by someone with the name “ Iena” said, “ We want equality [sic]. Sony doesn’t. It’s an upward battle,” it continues, “Sony doesn’t lock their door, physically, [and] so we worked with other staff with similar interests to get in.” Those stopped short at revealing the source.

One of the alleged demands is monetary compensation for inequality amongst minorities by Sony. Other reports allege the attack to be a collaborative effort of North Korea officials and Chinese hackers in retaliation for the upcoming release of “The Interview” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco about two show producers who get an unprecedented interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, only to be approached by the CIA to eliminate the leader when the pair conduct the interview.

“The Interview” made international headlines in July when North Korean officials complained about the movie to the United Nations, stating that releasing the movie would be considered an act of war.

Sony Pictures has been contacted regarding the effects the hacking will have on theatre goers and revenue, our calls have not yet been returned.


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