Amber Portwood On Fiance’s Secret Children: ‘People Make Mistakes’

Fiance's Secret Children
Amber Portwood defended fiancé Matt Baier in an interview Friday. Photo Courtesy: Amber Portwood/Facebook

ANDERSON, Ind., Feb. 5, 2016 (UPI) — Amber Portwood and fiancé Matt Baier are moving past their recent relationship drama.

The 25-year-old Teen Mom OG reality star defended the 44-year-old radio DJ in a statement to MTV News amid continued rumors about Baier’s alleged seven secret children.

“There have been many stories and allegations surrounding Matt’s past,” Portwood said. “Just as my own journey has proven, people make mistakes and should be given a second chance without being judged solely on those choices. We are happy and focused on building our future together.”

Portwood’s ex-fiancé, Gary Shirley, brought the claims to light on Monday’s episode by presenting her with paperwork about the alleged kids. The reality star was unaware Baier had any children, and set the record straight in a subsequent interview.

“When Gary approached me with all the cameras there, I think that was really tasteless,” she said. “I think what his main goal was to humiliate us and to try to make our family look like it’s not stable because this was when we were in the big custody battle.”

“It’s not accurate. [Matt] does only have five kids,” she clarified. “I can say that today we’re in a great place. That was a few months ago. Matt still says he has five kids. The thing I always go for me to is if he has five, why the hell wouldn’t he tell me if he has seven?”

Portwood and Baier started dating in fall 2014, and announced their engagement in March. The reality star, who shares 7-year-old daughter Leah with Shirley, responded to negative comments about her fiancé Thursday on Twitter.

“This reaction just absolutely disgusts me. How can you guys forgive me for my past but bash Matt for his! Why are you even following me? Not only did he have a job but his x boss works on our houses we’re flipping,” she wrote. “I’m just shocked at these reactions honestly.”


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