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Angelina Jolie – Unbroken



This passion project for Angelina Jolie shines in every single frame with her abiding love for the man Louis Zamperini and his courage under fire. In case you never read Unbroken which was Lauren Hillenbrand’s 2010 bestseller and all about Louis’ life, here is a quick rundown:

Louis Zamperini was raised in Torrance, California, the son of Italian immigrants, and was a bad boy destined for jail or worse. Until his older brother turned him on to running. Louis was good at it, competing in track at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. During World War II, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. When his B-24 went down in the Pacific, Louis survived on a life raft for a scarifying 47 days until he and others were captured by the Japanese. They were then starved and tortured for two years in a POW camp.

We were able to get a deeper inside look into the movie where Angelina said, “Louis has always trying to be inspirational and help people, and he always wanted to do it through film. He has waited fifty years and now he gets to do just that.”

“This movie is all about the lessons that he has learned from the resilience of the human spirit, while also bringing people together to push themselves to be their very best.”

We look around and ask how was Louis able to survive this? He had a couple of answers for us:

“If I can take it I can make it.”

“I had sure determination, and the determination to live.”

Lastly “No matter what happens to you all things work together for you.”
Louis Zamperini was born on January 26, 1917. The Air Force pronounced him dead in 1943 after his b-24 air craft went down and there were no survivors found by the U.S. Military. The President at the time, Franklin Roosevelt, even sent his parents a condolence letter.

He was awarded for his time in the Military with a:

  • Purple Heart
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • And a POW award




After a year of being out of the Military (1946) he married Cynthia Applewhite until her death in 2001 during those times he wrote two books called: “Devil at My Heels” and “A World War II Hero’s Epic Saga of Torment, Survival, and Forgiveness”.

Louis died of pneumonia on July 2. 2014 at the age of 97, but not before seeing a rough cut of the film on Jolie’s laptop.

Unbroken has been in theaters since Christmas Day (December 25, 2014).

Jolie and Zamperini - Gephardt Daily


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