Comedian Maria Bamford requests restraining order from Donald Trump over tweets

Comedian Maria Bamford requested a restraining order to keep President Donald Trump at least 1,000 yards away from her. Photo courtesy of Maria Bamford

April 17 (UPI) — Comedian Maria Bamford filed a request for a restraining order against President Donald Trump because of his nuclear war threats, but said she was denied pending another hearing.

Bamford, who kicks off a new tour Tuesday in Houston, first brought up the idea of filing a restraining order against Trump on Twitter on April 7.

“Does anyone know how to file a restraining order against The President of the United States? I have bought the filing paperwork for $39,” she wrote.

On Friday, she went to her local courthouse and filed the paperwork.

“Ok! Going to local courthouse to file restraining order against Donald Trump. I’ll let you know what happens. It may just be rejected after a long wait in line,” Bamford tweeted.

Among the documents Bamford presented to make her case were printed out versions of Trump’s Jan. 2 tweet where he said his nuclear button is “bigger & more powerful” than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un‘s supposed nuclear button.

The court accepted Bamford’s paperwork for review, but on Monday, she said her request was denied until another hearing in May. However, she says she might not follow through with the effort.

“I may stop here because it’s getting weird,” she tweeted. “I think that sometimes comedic premises are rejected as legitimate democratic action. And so I thought I’d follow through.”


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