DC Comics announces ‘Flashpoint’ sequel ‘Flashpoint Beyond’

The cover to DC Comics' "Flashpoint Beyond" issue No. 0 by Geoff Johns and Eduardo Risso. The comic book will be released on April 5. Image courtesy of DC Comics

Jan. 15 (UPI) — DC Comics announced on Friday a sequel series to their 2011 event comic “Flashpoint” titled “Flashpoint Beyond,” which will feature the return of deadly Batman Thomas Wayne.

“Flashpoint” followed Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, as he went back in time to save his late mother.

The move had grave consequences as Barry found himself in a dark timeline where the Justice League didn’t exist, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were waging a war against each other, and Thomas had become a violent Batman after his son Bruce Wayne was murdered instead of him.

“Flashpoint Beyond” finds Thomas returning to his dark world after he helped Barry put the universe back together. Thomas becomes Batman once again to discover why his world still exits. What he uncovers sends him on a journey around the world as he attempts to hunt down the Clockwork Killer.

The sequel event begins on April 5 with the release of “Flashpoint Beyond” issue No. 0, a 48-page comic book by writer Geoff Johns (“Flashpoint”) with art by Eduardo Risso (“100 Bullets”).

“Flashpoint Beyond” will then continue with issue No. 1, which launches on April 19. A new issue will then arrive every two weeks for the series, by writers Johns, Jeremy Adams (“The Flash”) and Tim Sheridan (“Shazam”) with art by Xermánico (“Infinite Frontier”).

“Everyone working on these books is giving it their all to deliver something that is worth the readers’ time in this competitive landscape of entertainment,” Johns said in a statement.

“This is for fans of big DC events and the great history of DC when it comes to comic books. And even though this is an event, it’s focused on character over concept — it’s the story of Thomas Wayne Batman, a Barry Allen that could’ve been, the crimes of Bruce Wayne — it’s a murder mystery, a secret mission and a look into the past, present and future of the continuum of DC. And as dark as it can get in this upside down world of “Flashpoint,” it’s fun,” he continued.

“Flashpoint Beyond” will be available through local comic book stores and digital retailers.


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