Ian McShane on ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler Outrage: ‘Get a Life’

'Game of Thrones' Spoiler
Ian McShane at a Cannes International Film Festival photocall for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" on May 14, 2011. The actor will appear on the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere. File Photo by David Silpa/UPI | License Photo

LONDON, March 14 (UPI) — Ian McShane was taken aback after “Game of Thrones” fans accused him of revealing spoilers.

The 73-year-old British actor brushed off criticism in an interview with the Telegraph after revealing new details about season six this month.

“You say the slightest thing and the Internet goes ape,” the star complained. “I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think, ‘Get a [expletive] life. It’s only [expletive] and dragons.”

McShane’s role is being kept under wraps, but the actor let more details slip to the Telegraph. He will appear on just one episode — the season six premiere — before exiting HBO series.

“I wasn’t sure whether I could commit, but then they said it would only be for one episode, so I said, ‘So that means I must die at the end of it. Great, I’m in,'” he revealed.

McShane first outraged fans by telling Pop Goes the News his character is “responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you’re never going to see again,” and revealed new details March 3 on BBC Radio 5.

“[My] character is like a former warrior who has renounced violence and now leads this peace cult,” the actor said. “Also, I have nursed a much-loved character back to life … that everybody thinks has died.”

Given the information, fans believe McShane will play the Elder Brother, who is thought to resurrect the Hound. The Hound was last seen in season four when Arya (Maisie Williams) left him for dead after his fight with Brienne (Gwendoline Christie).

“Game of Thrones” season six will premiere April 8. McShane is known for playing Al Swearengen on HBO series “Deadwood” and will portray Mr. Wednesday in a forthcoming Starz adaptation of “American Gods.”


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