Rolling Stones Under 24-Hour Armed Guard After Shooting

Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones will finish their tour of South American under 24-hour armed guard after the killing of a stadium worker last week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo by Gary I Rothstein /UPI | License Photo

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 15 (UPI) — The Rolling Stones are currently under 24-hour armed guard as they continue their tour of South America, reports said.

Just days after a worker at La Plata Stadium was shot and killed in a botched robbery Thursday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a military-type security detail is now escorting the band for the rest of their America Latina Ole tour.

Pedro Luis Tabares, 55, was killed as he was leaving the stadium with colleagues by a gang trying to steal the stadium’s beverage profits from the show.

A 31-year-old Colombian was later arrested for the killing.

The band will finish its tour of South America with shows in Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia, but will travel in armed guards escorting their cars and surrounding their hotels.

“Massive bands like The Rolling Stones are well aware of the risks posed by these places – so they take no chances,” a source told The Daily Mirror newspaper. “Wealthy personalities are always potential targets, but the band are kept safe and secure at all times by the best security personnel on the planet.

“They choose their hotels carefully, travel in separate vehicles which also reduces the risks, and are surrounded by armed security.”

The Rolling Stones are considering a North American tour.


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