Rome Film Festival is Now Underway

Rome Film Festival
Vittorio Palazzi (L) and Isabelle Adriani arrive on the red carpet before the screening of the film "Belle et Sebastien, l'aventure continue" at the 10th annual Rome International Film Festival / Photo Courtesy:

ROME , Oct. 17 (UPI) — Italy’s 10th Rome Film Festival is officially underway.

Scheduled to run through Oct. 24, the event’s lineup will include the screening of 37 movies from 24 countries. It opened with the Dan Rather-themed drama Truth, headlined by Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett.

Other high-profile films to be shown are Freeheld, starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, and The End of the Tour, featuring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg.

Among the celebrities expected to attend the festival are Jude Law, Wes Anderson,Joel Coen, Frances McDormand, William Friedkin, Riccardo Muti and Renzo Piano.

“This is going to be a celebration of film, not a festival,” Antonio Monda, the festival’s director and an associate professor of film at New York University, told The New York Times

“If you go to Venice or Cannes, Nicole Kidman does a press conference, then shows film and then goes to her yacht,” Monda said, explaining artists who participate in the Rome Film Festival will, by contrast, spend more time there and “talk about their experiences.”


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