29 Utah sheriffs promising to defend 2nd Amendment against federal government, others

Image: https://utahsheriffs.org

UTAH, June 12, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — All 29 county sheriffs in Utah have signed a document promising to protect the Second Amendment and asking Utahns to join them in defending the right to bear arms, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association announced Friday.

All 29 sheriffs signed off on a three-page press release in which they “publicly reassert our individual and collective duty to defend all the constitutional rights of our citizens.”

The lengthy dispatch cites the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and Providence in asserting that the Second Amendment stands true and gives Utahns the right to be armed.

“We currently have a significant body of law to help maintain the balance between ensuring the safety of the community and protecting individual rights,” the document states. It also cautions against any undermining of the Second Amendment by the federal government.

“We believe that as a State, we should be circumspect of new legislation, resolutions or executive orders, particularly those from the federal government, which may infringe upon individuals’ constitutional rights.

“As members of the human family, we value the sanctity of life. We live in a time when unlawful violence is commonplace, and along with the victims and survivors of violence, we recognize these tragedies to be irrational, callous and infuriating. Some individuals seek to use any means possible to injure or destroy life or property,” the statement says.

“While potential safety concerns continue to exist, we encourage citizens to refuse to give into fear tactics–those meant to confuse and cause chaos. Rather, we seek to be united as Americans and Utahans, to care for one another, and to ensure preparedness and safety in our places of worship and learning, in our homes and places of recreation and business.”

Further down in the document, the sheriffs refer to “the Second Amendment of our divinely inspired Constitution,” which states, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

“As your elected Sheriffs, we individually and collectively pledge to do everything in our power to steadfastly protect the Second Amendment and all other individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.”

The entire press release is shown below.


  1. nothing like the U S constitution and bill of rights to bring out the asinine nature of all 29 duly elected and politically motivated sheriffs of Utah = peace officers are sworn to remain neutral on politics

  2. My uncle retired Sherriff said everyone of 8these Sheriff’s is playing politics.so the Sheriff’s going to use the second amendment to murder suspects and h bbjû8
    everyone one of you can take the document and shove it were sun doesn’t shine

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