Clinton VASA Fitness employee allegedly steals $3K from customer’s credit card

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CLINTON, Utah, Oct. 15, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Clinton VASA Fitness employee was arrested Monday after allegedly stealing $3,000 from a customer’s credit card.

A probable cause statement from the 2nd District Court of Farmington said Isaiah Joseph Archuleta, 20, is facing one charge of communications fraud, a second-degree felony.

On Oct. 4, the victims in this case went to the VASA Fitness at 2642 N. 2000 West in Clinton and wanted to make a change to their membership, the statement said.

“They met with an employee of VASA, Isaiah Archuleta, to complete the transaction,” the statement said. “Isaiah asked one of the victims for their credit card to complete the membership changes. When Isaiah obtained the credit card and requested the pin number for the card, one of the victims provided it to him.”

After the transaction was complete, the victims went into the gym for their workout. Archuleta then spoke with the victims multiple times and at one point, asked for one of the victim’s last four digits of their Social Security number, which was provided to him. He also asked the same victim for their phone. Archuleta physically obtained the phone and later returned it to the victim.

“After the victims left the VASA Fitness, they attempted to use the card and they discovered that their pin was blocked,” the statement said “The victims contacted their financial institution. The victims were informed that someone called the financial institution an hour prior and attempted a transaction on their account and that is why their pin was blocked.”

The victims were informed that the institution blocked the pin due to security questions being answered incorrectly. The victims contacted the VASA Fitness main office and asked if it was common practice for their employees to request personal information like this and they were informed that it was not common practice.

On Sunday, the victims again contacted police to report that a transaction actually did occur on their account. The transaction was a transfer from their account to Archuleta’s on Oct. 4. The amount total was $3,000 with a cash advance fee of $45. The victims provided officials a screen shot of this information.

This information was confirmed to be Archuleta’s account using the account information supplied to VASA Fitness for direct deposit. The victims told the arresting officer that this transaction was reversed by their financial institution.

The arresting officer was informed by the victims that the financial institution told them the transaction was completed by phone or by browser. The officer was also informed that Isaiah Joseph Archuleta was the only Isaiah working at the Clinton VASA Fitness.

Archuleta was taken into custody and transported to Davis County Jail with his bail set at $10,000.


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