Kaysville firefighter emergency responders, Davis County dispatchers save wasp sting victim’s life

File photo: Gephardt Daily

FRUIT HEIGHTS, Utah, June 8, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Emergency personnel were able to successfully intervene when a resident called 911 to report having a severe reaction after being stung by a wasp Tuesday night.

As emergency crews responded, Davis County dispatch said the line went quiet but for the caller’s “agonal breathing,” as in, deep, gasping sounds.

Kaysville Fire Department emergency responders found the patient, home alone in their Fruit Heights residence, “unconscious, not maintaining their own airway, and having obvious signs of a severe allergic reaction,” according to the Kaysville department’s press release.
“The patient was given emergency doses of epinephrine & benadryl and received advanced airway management” and whisked by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of the potentially fatal reaction to the wasp.

En route the patient’s blood pressure stabilized, they regained consciousness “and they were able start maintaining their own airway before arriving at the Emergency Department.”

The first responders’ quick and decisive actions “led to a life saved in an unusual emergency situation,” according to the press statement, and the patient was released from the hospital several hours later, expected to make a full recovery.


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