Drum Circle Beating Leads To Liberty Park Stabbing

Liberty park drum circle stabbing
One man was stabbed and another was arrested after an altercation Sunday at the Liberty Park drum circle. Photo: Gephardt Daily/Steve Milner

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 29, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — What started as a beating at a drum circle Sunday ended up with one man stabbed and another in custody.

Police responded to Liberty Park, at about 600 East and 900 South, at about 3 p.m. after receiving a call about a fight during which one man pulled a knife.

“They were involved in a physical altercation, a fist fight,” said Lt. Michael Hatch, Salt Lake City Police Department. “The suspect was falling to the ground, pulled out a knife, and stabbed the victim in the rib area.”

The injury is not life-threatening, Hatch said.

“He wasn’t transported by ambulance,” he said. “He went in a private vehicle to the hospital.”

The suspect, 20, and the victim, 22, were both at the Sunday drum circle. The two, “… had some past dealings with each other,” Hatch said. The stabbing probably wouldn’t have happened without the initial fist fight, which escalated, he added.

After the stabbing, the suspect tried to flee the scene, but was other people at the drum circle tackled him and held him for the police.

“We don’t want people to put themselves in danger,” Hat said. “We certainly appreciate when they help us out. He most likely would have gotten away before officers were able to find him here in the park.”

The suspect was taken into custody, and will be charged with aggravated assault, Hatch said. Hatch declined to identify the suspect or victim.



  1. Here is an example of lieing media coverage.. Ok frist of all call this what this is LIBERTY PARK, NOT DRUM CICLE LIBERTY PARK. It had nothing to do with the drum cicle. Gephardt . thanks for the miss leading info and hey maybe y need to step back and look how for u have come here in ut. Now honesty i use to like y but i see clearly how far u will go in yr investagation for the people and y need to step down or do yr job right … For the PEOPLE . PEACE

  2. Wow no comment Mr Gephardt cuz I know y well and have seen you work, and for such a man thats for the people’ I sure have a lot to say about a lot of gephardt approved” stuff that so many people have fallow y and y let them down in cluding me . This is why I do care for y know more . y were for the people but clear you” did have “forgot the people ,so y need to go back to school or step down and think of how y can be what y were in stead of fony . Derbry. Was the frist and now I’m going to show what I know about some more fony people . the time is at hand for all y fony people claiming to be for the people . Trump is the best thing for USA in yr and cleaning out all the worms was something he found out was everywere politically. I’m say smile cuz the eye in every state right now is the time to clean out the garbage … Clealy and my DRUM Family well if it wasn’t for my DRUM family well y guys would of and have put this on is and nothing to do with us and yes we did get yr suspect because we don’t want this at our church. And please get this Right . Liberty Park . DRUM Circle Church the place of peace love Happyness. I love you my DRUM Family Church yopu rock .


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