Exotic animals seized in Midvale after caretaker is hospitalized

Jim Dix. File photo: Gephardt Daily

MIDVALE, Utah, Feb. 7, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — Officials are considering filing criminal charges against Jim Dix, who founded Utah’s Reptile Rescue, after they say he abandoned about 60 exotic animals at the warehouse of an employer.

Dix told reporters his rental space in Magna was sold in December, and he was looking for a new space when he asked his employer to store the animals, including snakes, alligators and snapping turtles.

The employer agreed, but then Dix had a heart attack, he said. Now he is awaiting bypass surgery at a hospital, and the animals he cared for have been seized.

Some were turned over to Salt Lake County Animal Services. Species illegal to own in Utah are going to the Division of Wildlife Services.

Dix started Utah Reptile Rescue in 1998 to care for animals no one else would take. Police often called him for help when snakes were seized in drug raids, or when fire displaced the owners of lizards or other exotics.

Jim Dix. File photo: Gephardt Daily


  1. Just so typical of animal rights cult members is to make false charges and attack people when they get sick.
    Whoever is considering filing charges should stop and think about how they are treating human beings who care about these species. ITs clear from the attitudes of the animal rights cult members and the ALDF that they clearly wish all of these species to be dead rather than have them properly cared for by someone who knows how to care for exotic species. By the way when these species are all gone and these radicals have managed to remove all of these animals from human care and contact including all dogs and cats, horses etc. There won’t be any more when they become extinct. These cults think that there are wild spaces but not even in Africa can you find anymore wild spaces. So their next thing is to remove your property rights bit by bit. They are trying to pass laws to ban all breeding and to make sure that no sanctuary will release any animal. But when they become extinct then they should be bred and cared for keep them on this earth. If not then the animal rights radicals have a nefarious goal which is to eliminate them from this earth by banning all care and breeding. HSUS is clearly one of these deviant organizations as they don’t even value women who work for them. Neither does PeTA which has been killing 97% of all animals that come into their so called care or better known as the death guard.


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