Former LDS Primary teacher charged with abusing girl at ‘sleepovers’ in West Jordan

Sean David Sund. Photo: Salt Lake County

WEST JORDAN, Utah, June 15, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A West Jordan man has been booked into jail after investigators say he abused an 8-year-old girl over whom he held a position of trust.

Sean David Sund, 45, served as a Primary teacher for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the child’s congregation, West Jordan police said in a tweet.

Sund was booked on five counts of sexual abuse, a first-degree felony.

A West Jordan Police officer interviewed the child at the Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center, a probable cause statement says.

“Sean has sleepovers on a regular basis with children, most of which are from his LDS branch,” the statement says. “At the time of the abuse, Sean was the Primary teacher in his branch.”

The victim described an incident in which the girl said she was sleeping on the floor of Sund’s room when he approached, put a pillow under her legs, and spread them apart. The child said she pretended she was still asleep, and she told the officer that Sund moved her underwear aside, and “put his private on her private.”

The victim said the first time Sund had done that, she was pretending to be asleep on his bed next to two other girls who were sleeping. The girl said Sund laid over her, wrapping his legs around her, and pressing his private parts against the sleepwear fabric covering her privates.

In another incident, the girl said Sund pressed his privates against her buttocks through her clothes.

The victim also told the officer Sund used his hand to touch her under her clothes.

Sund was interviewed in the presence of family members, at his request, the statement says.

“Sean confessed to two occasions of abuse, which were very similar to incidents described by the victim,” the statement says.

A relative of the child told the officer Sund “was trusted by all of the parents to have children left in his care and custody.”

The tweet from the West Jordan police department concluded with the words: “Possibly more victims. Need to get word out.”


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